How To Buy A Lawn Tractor

By Eddie Simms

Lawn tractors are generally tiny tractors intended for farm work up to two acres. There are a number of attachments to the tractor, which can reduce your manual work quite considerably. This could help you employ your available time effectively in maintaining your garden in trim condition all year round. Lawn tractors are flexible items of kit. They can do a lot of roles like cutting, ploughing, lawn rolling, lamp post hole digging, and masses of other roles that need to be done around the farm or home.

These roles are made possible thru their power take off shaft. This makes lawn tractors one of the gardener's very best pals.

Purchasing a lawn tractor is much like buying a car. The cost of a second user model is much less even if there's little more wear than being driven out from the show room floor.

Consider the tractor you are purchasing very conscientiously. It is sometimes recommended that you try the tractor for yourself and get an idea about the time required in attaching and detaching the various accessories. Test-drive the tractor, and try and get a feel of getting out and in of tractor. Just taking it for a test spin, does not imply you have to get it there and then. Resist the pressure, and consider your options carefully.

The basic model available is a Bolen 762F76, and the John Deere Spin-Steer SST-16 is available, albeit at a higher price bracket. The Poulan Pro PK185H42ST is between these two in both price and quality.

Remember this is just the price of tractor alone without accessories. Accessories can include lots of different pieces. Just to begin with you can have a cover, a grass collection bag, large and small carts, and much, much more, all of which can add to the price, making it even more important to get a fantastic price at the start. If you are going to use your tractor solely for lawn cropping, and you have a little farm of one or two acres, you'll have a glance at the stand-behind mower instead of going for a full on lawn tractor. All the same, look around and in this economy you need to be able to find some real bargains if you look around. - 31813

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What Can We Expect From The Lawn Care Service

By Jerry Gary

Maybe you are too buy to make your garden clean, or you just want the help and advice of a professional. Either way, if you are going to hire a lawn care company you are going to first want to know what to expect to pay for a lawn care service cost.

Of course this is going to vary at least a bit from one company to another, but there are a few basic guidelines that you can use to give yourself a better idea.

What You're Going to Pay

The most determining factor in the lawn care service cost that you are going to end up paying is the size of your lawn. Obviously if you have a much smaller lawn that has a lot less work needed you are going to be paying less than you would for a large lawn that will need to be cared for and landscaped.

The only real way to get a definite price on the lawn care service cost you are going to pay is to contact the company and have them come and take a look at your lawn. They are going to be able to see what needs to be done and let you know what their average rate is going to be.

Once you have gotten quotes of a lawn care service cost from a few different companies, you are going to want to read a lawn care service review on any company that you are considering to see what past consumers have to say about them.

This way you get to hear the options of other people who have already dealt with the company and can best decide whether or not it is going to be worth it for you to hire this lawn care service company and pay the lawn care service cost.

This is actually one of the most common reasons that a person hires a lawn care company is because they hear good things from their neighbors or other people that they know and so they know that they can trust in them to offer them the great services that they are hoping for.

You don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get the high quality lawn care services that you are looking for, and your garden will never have looked better than when you have a professional company come in and take care of the work for you. - 31813

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Yard Work: How Many Advantages of White Clover Can You Name?

By Dewey J Capasso

Imagine I mentioned there are a couple of things you might do that could permanently eliminate the need to feed your lawn? Would that peak your interest? Excellent. So let me share exactly how simple it is to set your grass up so that you can retire your spreader permanently.

Fact is you can get away with that if you have white clover covering as little as five percent of your lawn. That's because just scattered patches of clover can produce as much as two pounds of nitrogen per 1000 square feet of lawn. Which might provide half of the nitrogen your yard needs each year. And you can almost have a self sustaining lawn if you'll but mulch the clippings and leave them to break down in your lawn too.

Now don't you feel bad for considering clover to be a weed? Yet it wasn't always that way. No it wasn't until later into the 20th century that clover was put on the undesirable list by lawn fanatics.

In way of background clover is a legume. It takes free nitrogen from the air and stores it in its roots. Once the roots die the nitrogen is released back in to the soil. Which sounds like a virtual fertilizer factory in your yard, right?

But don't think that's all cover can do for you.

Clover can help your garden by attracting parasitic wasps and honey bees.

During dry spells it can add a splash of green to your otherwise parched lawn.

The nitrogen clover produces won't change your soil's PH as chemical based fertilizers might. Plus the fact clover is thriving tells you your soil is balanced and fertile.

A lawn having a mix of grass and clover is also less susceptible to weeds as clover can help keep pesky weeds at bay by shading them out.

Then too adding clover can give you a lower maintenance yard. It requires less mowing but does tolerate whatever mowing it's subjected to. And being somewhat drought resistant can mean lower water bills each summer.

Another advantage? It's a flexible plant. You don't need the most fertile dirt bathed in full sun to have success with clover. In that it will take to poorer soil conditions while tolerating shade too.

Now one advantage is also a disadvantage. How so? The bees clover attracts can be a problem if you're allergic. But less so if you mow more often to keep the plants from flowering.

Another flaw often cited is inability to do well when faced with heavy foot traffic. Yet one could argue that when protected by varieties of grass that do well despite the traffic this would be less of a shortcoming.

Now if this brief overview has changed how you look at clover you can get bulk seed locally at most garden centers. Likely for less than $7 a pound - with a pound covering about 4000 square feet in some cases. When planted in the spring, which is best, it should germinate in a week or so.

So given all these advantages, why not do your bit for the environment and throw some white clover into the mix? It's a smart choice for those who want to water less, mow less and fertilize less while still enjoying a green lawn. - 31813

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Planning Your Front Or Backyard Garden Design

By Phil Caxton

One should never consider gardening as a casual affair be it your front garden or the backyard garden. A random approach will never help in getting a well synchronized look and hence it becomes necessary for you to put in a little effort to position the plants, trees and shrubs in a particular manner. Whether you want the garden to have a wild look or a synchronized look, both need a little bit of attention on a regular basis. While planting the sapling think of the right place first. It may grow into a big tree later, so plant it in such a way that there is sufficient space around it.

Position the plants well:

Positioning the sapling is very important, as once it grows big, uprooting becomes difficult. For proper development and growth, every plant requires its very own space. The plant can face a slow death if it has to scrounge for space as it may get interlocked with other plants during its growth. Defying the natural foliage and growth of the plant by confining it to a limited area or containing it unnaturally cannot get worse. Some trees have to be the focal point in the garden and hence have to be planted accordingly.

One indication of a poorly maintained garden is the improper placement of a shrub or a tree. Growth of some trees needs to be restricted, while in some other cases it may not be required. To enhance the decorum of the outdoor as well as the indoor garden you have to ensure that plants are placed well as they are able to thrive well in a proper surrounding. Trees and plants in the outdoor garden should be planted away from the house.

Mindful while choosing plants:

Some trees have a strong rooting system and could damage the underground drainage system as well as the foundation of the house. Such trees should be planted at a suitable distance from the house. As far as indoor gardens are concerned, they too need to be planned well. Be mindful while choosing of plants instead of randomly picking them up and regretting latter. Depending upon the size of the outdoor garden you can select the type of plants and trees of varying heights and shapes as they only help in enhancing the overall look of the garden. Your garden is one area where you seek peace and relaxation, so ensure to plan it accordingly. - 31813

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Sell Your Home With Curb Appeal

By Mariahnna Samuel

Standing in front of your house, what is the first thing you notice? Does the home look inviting, or does it just blend in to the background?

Here are some tips to make the outside of your house inviting for your friends and family:

1) Having your lawn mowed, trimmed and clean from weeds will be the first step. Most people dread doing their lawn specially if you have about an acre or more. If you have teenagers or neighborhood kids who are looking for some extra cash.

* Paint the exterior of your home, if it needs painting, or pressure wash it to clean dirt and mildew off. If you cannot afford to paint your home, consider painting the front door.

* Replace the door hardware. A new handle and lock mechanism can make your front door look brand new. If you can get a deal you replacing the kitchen and bathroom cabinet with the same hardware is a great idea.

* Add some colorful plants and shrubs. A home with no landscaping looks uninviting and desolate. On the other hand, if you have pre-existing plantings, sometimes they can grow large and hide certain feature of your home. Have a good look at those types of issues, and if necessary, remove some of those plants. Landscaping should always incorporate year round interest, so make sure you have a mixture of evergreens and annuals.

5) Adding some light to your walkway will increase the curb appeal. You can find some energy efficient lights or even solar energy lights. If you go to Hobby Lobby or other craft store you can find little stepping stones that your kids can decorate and add it to your walkway to add some personal touch.

6) You can think of adding a pathway to your front door if you do not have one. There are so many creative and low cost pathway projects that you can involve your family and kids. It will be something that your kids will be proud of.

Always remember that when buyers come to your house they are looking for a bargain. It is your responsibility to make the feel that they are getting a bargain. These simple tips will give the buyer the security they need to sign a contract and will help sell your house in a short period of time. - 31813

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What You Need to Know About Lawn Care

By Jim Poniente

Many people who construct a new house tend to be worried about the landscape design because they usually do not know the right way to perform lawn care. The most crucial thing regarding organizing a lawn is to obtain the correct type of grass for the soil. All grass is not the same. Many sorts can grow fairly high, while others won't grow high at all. In case you really don't have lots of time available for fertilizing and mowing, then this will be the correct variety of grass for you.

Additional issues that you need to think about when deciding on the grass for your lawn include:

Exactly how much direct sunlight will the lawn have or is it going to end up mostly in the shade?
Is the lawn sloping and what is the water flow like?
Precisely what quality of lawn would you like to have?
Exactly how much money do you have assigned for lawn care?
If you have the money, but not the free time, you can actually contract a lawn service and not need to fret about mowing, watering as well as various other lawn care needs.

However, most people want the pleasure of knowing that the beautiful lawn they have is the result of their own hard work. You do need to fertilize the lawn to give the grass the extra nutrients that it needs. Any garden center will have several different kinds of fertilizer for you to choose from. Since these brand names all differ in price and the amount of time you need to spend on the lawn, you do need to read the labels. For instance, if you don't have a lot of time to spend applying fertilizer, choose a brand that will only need application once every two or three months.

It is very important to water the lawn. With the help of a sprinkler system, you can just turn it on and give the grass the water that it needs. However, even with a sprinkler system, there is a danger of watering the grass too much. You do need to keep an eye on the grass and the weather to know when enough is enough. - 31813

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Take Precautions With Lawn Tractors

By Eddie Simms

They're the most practical solution for classy landscapers. Lawn tractors will help those people that don't have much time to look after their wide expanses of grass.

Among tons of other features, they are trustworthy, efficient, very fast as well as simple to drive, a massive quantity of fun while working, what else do you need?

However, not everything is so perfect, and they can be doubtless dangerous for those that don't respect the safety wants.

It is clear the indestructible feelings that you're feeling when driving a giant lawn tractor are enticing. You are there, sitting on top of a surprisingly strong machine which responds to

Your orders instantly. Statistical data out there say that year by year, many folks experience lawn tractor accidents due to either incorrect or hazardous use.

These are some serious pointers when driving a lawn tractor :

Clear the cutting area of objects that might interrupt rune smooth work. This is a crucial step that most house owners forget. This could risk spraying objects out the side of the grass tractor, and so harming any one within hundred feet. Attempt to use blades guards in order to lower the risk when operating those tractors designs.

Always use safety wear when operating power tools. Don't forget to wear thick shoes and gloves if required. Wearing glasses is as straightforward for shielding your eyes from flying insects as well as direct impacts. You never can spot when these guards will be needed.

Always purchase quality machines and part for those machines.

If you are a professional lawn tractor driver, you could be depending on your years of expertise. Regardless of your great driver skills and how responsible you are feeling on the tractor, you can never trust machines and you have to be aware all the time.

The more prepared you are for any form of circumstance concerning accidents and safety, the better off you'll be. If you ignore one of the tiny safety details when riding these machines, you'll find for yourself that lawn tractors are not a kid's game. - 31813

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